Wikipedia on steam cars

26.06.2007 15:16

I usually recommend using Wikipedia. However today I found an example why you should still be skeptical when reading its articles:

While Gasoline-powered ICE cars have a fuel efficiency of 30%, steam engines are capable of 90% efficiency.

Well, I guess that's why all cars today are powered by steam engines, right?

Here's another gem from the talk page (some people there expressed doubt in the these figures on grounds of laws of thermodynamics):

I won't enter into this arcane "efficiency" debate, a time-honoured red herring that does not begin to explain why steam cars have always given a very good account of themselves when compared with internal combustion as regards fuel consumption, and emissions-wise have generally proved far superior. Surely this begs more searching questions as to why this should be in spite of all this "received theory"

There's also this British steam powered car that requires a 4 MW engine to reach 320 km/h. I think that says enough about efficiency of steam engines.

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