Old transistors

05.06.2007 14:08

Yesterday I found these transistors manufactured in former Yugoslavia while repairing an old EPROM programator:

BC212 equivalent in TO-92 package, from Ei Niš.

2N2907 equivalent in TO-18 package, from Radio industrija Zagreb.

Nothing special actually, except that I didn't know that they were making transistors at all.

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Good article, I´m reparing an old metal faults analizer and I founded an oscillator transistor bad number X1C1772 310 Please, where Can I find its datasheet or its equivalent?


Ary Valero



"X1C1772 310" doesn't sound like any common transistor type designation I've seen.

Are you sure it's a transistor and not an integrated circuit of some type? Does it have a manufacturer logo? What does the package look like?

Posted by Tomaž

Thanks a lot by your answer I haven´t ridden before your answer

X1C1772 310 is an old metal encapsulated transistor like the metalic encapsulated
transistors of the photo up , The metal analizar has 30 years old more or less I
suppouse. And It doesnt have any manufacturer logo but the numbers are the same
type printed in the photo up.

Thanks for your Help
ary valero

Hi all ...I need old transistor TF78 V10 1V that used with old radio. Does anybody know where can I find it?


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