07.06.2007 20:11

The new version of GNU General Public License is getting close (final draft was released by the FSF one week ago). There is quite a lot of discussion going on, so here are my two cents:

Since I read the first draft I've put all free software I released specifically under the GPL v2 (without that "or any later version" sentence - I hold the copyright so I can change the version later anyway if I change my mind). The reason for this is quite simple: I don't want to use a license if my understanding of it is based only on other people's interpretation. I want to read it and understand it myself.

Now, maybe my reading comprehension of legal documents is below average, but at around 5600 words the GPL v3 draft is too heavy for me. I understand some parts but I don't see the whole picture. On the other hand I have a feeling that I understand 2900 words of GPL v2 and that I know exactly under what set of conditions I allow redistribution of my code.

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