Assemble, disassemble, assemble, ...

14.06.2007 23:50

I'm getting tired of hunting Z80 assembler and disassembler bugs each time I want to focus on researching Galaksija's operating system.

Today I wanted to squash all those bugs once and for all, so I turned z80asm (a nice Z80 macro assembler) against its bitter rival z80dasm (my soon-to-be-released fork of dz80 Z80 disassembler).

After a long debugging session of z80dasm, I finally got the desired result (interestingly I found no new bugs in z80asm):

$ stress
Final results of stress testing

Tested: 2000
Failed: 0

(In each iteration this script copies 16kB of data from /dev/urandom, disassembles and assembles it and compares the result with the original)

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