My childhood dreams for 40€

02.05.2007 15:32

As a kid I used to read and re-read a book titled Choosing and using your home computer (Slovenian translation published in 1984). It contains photographs and descriptions of a lot of contemporary home computers, including the EPSON HX-20. This little device is described as the future of portable computing - it's amazingly small case includes a cassette recorder and a printer and you can even work with it while you are traveling since it has a rechargeable battery. According to this book this is the first truly portable computer, a first sign of what we can expect in the future.

Of course back then I really wanted to have one. The Spectrum we had looked just clumsy compared to it.

This weekend they were selling them at VCFE for 40€ a piece and now I'm wondering why the hell I haven't bought one.

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