12.05.2007 18:22

Here are some pictures from 13th MFRU (or IFCA in English, International Festival of Computer Arts) in Maribor.

I've been there yesterday evening to do a short presentation of my redesigned Galaksija. It felt a bit strange to present my work at an art festival, since I didn't thought of Galaksija as a work of art. In the end I think that my talk about Galaksija didn't quite reach the audience (although I tried to leave out as many boring technicalities as possible).

On the other hand I saw a number of interesting projects, but I think posting by blurry photos wouldn't do them justice.


This little figure made out a RJ-45 connector and a piece of UTP cable was the first exhibit I saw.

Amazon Noir

Amazon noir exhibit was one of the more interesting ones. Authors managed to copy a number of complete books using some feature of the web site that allows you to read small parts of some books in the shop. The details of how they managed to do that are pretty well hidden on their web page.

Galaksija at MFRU

Galaksija's corner.

Looking back, the best exhibit of the festival I saw was the "My name is Urška" project. A photo of it would really be pointless here since the whole point of the exhibit was to see a photo of a girl smoothly morphing from a healthy look to how she would look if she had one of genetic disorders while a display showed a statistical frequency of this disorder.

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