Galaksija tools 0.1.0

29.05.2007 10:15

From the README file:

This is a loose collection of tools for use with Galaksija home

 gtp2wav     - Convert a binary Galaksija tape file to an audio file for
               loading to a Galaksija computer through the sound card.

 bin2gtp     - Encapsulate a Z80 machine code block into a Galaksija tape
               file together with a simple BASIC loader.

 pgm2scr     - Convert a bitmap to a Galaksija video framebuffer.

 chargendump - Inspect and dump characters from a Galaksija character
               generator ROM image.

 include/    - Header files for use with a Z80 assembler that contain useful
               macro definitions for writing assembly programs for

 examples/   - Example assembly programs for Galaksija

Get the tarball here.

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