05.05.2007 22:44

Someone dug through a telecom cable for my neighborhood or so my ISP tells me. It cut my server off the net (together with all telephones and ADSL lines in sight) for nearly a day and a half.

In semi-related news, secondary DNS for is also currently down (so much for redundancy).

And since bad things tend to happen together, a glitch in my dovecot IMAP server deleted half my mailbox. As expected, I was just going to make a backup for this month, meaning I lost a lot of mail I received since April. If I don't answer, you now know the reason.

I'm still investigating this by the way. It seems to be related to this issue. "nobody sane has that many messages in one mailbox" they say? Uhm...

Update: I've been told that I can expect more down time the following week as they will be repairing the damaged cable.

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