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22.04.2007 22:41

While I use a terminal to do most of my work I do often use Nautilus to move files around and sort things into directories. It's quite annoying when I get just a lot of default "foot" icons when I'm working with files made with gEDA (which is a lot these days).

So, here's my second try at making icons:

Schematic 48x48 Schematic 22x22 Schematic 16x16

Symbol 48x48 Symbol 22x22 Symbol 16x16

PCB 48x48 PCB 22x22 PCB 16x16

Gerber 48x48 Gerber 22x22 Gerber 16x16

(These icons are derived from the text-x-generic icon of the Tango base icon theme and are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license)

Update: Added icons for PCB layouts and Gerber files. SVG versions.

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These are downright beautiful icons, and very nifty as well. I have a quick question about the licensing, though:

So, under the attribution share-alike license, can I use these icons as part of a commercial website, for instance, provided that I attribute them to you?

This is the first time I've worked on a commercial project, really, and thus the first time I've had to worry about these sorts of things.


Hi Abacon

Yes, you can use the icons on a commercial web site. You must attribute them to me and state that they are licensed under the CC-BY-SA 2.5.

Also check the creativecommons.org site - they have a nice FAQ.

On which web site are you going to use them?

Posted by Tomaž

I finally found where I took these icons from. I've included them in "my" pack of MIME icons at DeviantArt ( http://8666.deviantart.com/art/Tango-MIME-Icons-114829865 ). Hope everything is OK. This is a Windows pack.

Posted by 8666

8666, these icons are licensed under CC BY-SA, which means you must attribute them to me if you want to distribute them.

As far as I can see, you don't specify where any of the icons in "your" icon pack came from. I don't know about licenses of other icons, but you should certainly do so if you want to include mine.

Posted by Tomaž

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