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23.03.2007 18:50

I should have known that my last post will backfire.

On Wednesday I installed Ubuntu 6.10 on my friend's laptop (HP Pavilion ze4600). I was greatly surprised how everything worked out of the box. Including hibernation and special shortcut buttons on the keyboard for the speaker volume, web browser and email. On the same day my Powerbook went belly-up when I unplugged my (properly unmounted) iPod. It crashed so bad that I had to remove the battery (first time the usual long press on the power button didn't work).

On the second thought, almost everything worked on Ubuntu. Getting TV output to work for example required some googling and installing the atitvout command line utility. Also GNOME's keyboard preferences crashed when I tried to set up more than two different keyboard layouts (it's a known bug - I had similar problems on Debian some time ago and it will probably be fixed in the April release). On the other hand suspend-to-RAM crashes the computer and according to some web pages I saw it doesn't look like it will be fixed any time soon.

The installation itself was also a bit tricky, but that wasn't Ubuntu's fault. The computer doesn't have a working CD driver and can't boot from USB devices, so I had to boot it through the network (roughly following these directions). For some reason then the Slovenian and German Ubuntu mirrors didn't work (the installer said the packages are corrupted) and it took forever to download everything from a US mirror.

However in the end the whole thing required far less manual tweaking than I expected (as Debian user). Congratulations to the Ubuntu developers!

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