The incredible shrinking ipod

05.03.2007 22:32

I am having some weird problems with my iPod mini.

It started when I had to reinstall OS X on the laptop because of one Debian installation gone wrong. Since I lost all music in the iTunes library and I didn't want to rip my CD collection all over again I copied the MP3 files from the iPod and re-imported them to the freshly installed iTunes (Contrary to the popular belief this is quite simple and doesn't involve any special malware-infested applications. You just copy music files from a hidden folder on the iPod to the hard disk).

The problem appeared when I tried to sync this re-imported music library back to the iPod through iTunes. It turned out that exactly the same amount of music will no longer fit on the device (although as far as I can remember there was a good 100 MB free space on the iPod before). After a bit of comparing with a music library on the other computer it turned out that MP3s didn't increase in size (iTunes could attach something the first time I imported them). So what is happening here?

After deleting a couple of albums so that the whole thing again fit on the disk the iPod worked without problems. Until yesterday, when I deleted some song I didn't like from the library and iTunes said that the library once again won't fit (with one song less?!).

The only explanation I see is that the disk space is somehow shrinking with time. Unfortunately I have no records of how much total disc space was reported by df before all this began. The number of bytes df shows now (7933880 512-byte blocks, it's a 4 GB model) doesn't seem too low. Could it be that the disk is accumulating bad blocks and that they are somehow silently detected and subtracted from the total amount of disk space by magic dust that Apple puts inside its hardware?

Some extensive googling didn't turn out anyone with similar problems. Well, if it'll get any worse, I'll probably replace the disk with a compact flash card like this guy.

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