Galaksija: Screencast

06.02.2007 14:37

Here's the screencast I promised. It gives a basic demonstration of Galaksija's graphics capabilities with one BASIC and one machine code program.

The video is encoded with XVid and is around 20 MB in size. It's unedited since I don't have enough patience to deal with open source video editing software (feel free to use the Fast Forward feature of your player to skip the boring parts).

I know this is really badly encoded (on the original recording the picture is sharp). However this is the best I could manage with five tries with transcode.

Update: At some point I realized that hosting video files was a bad idea, so the link above doesn't work anymore. I managed to find the screencast in an old backup. You can now watch it on YouTube.

Posted by Tomaž | Categories: Digital


Any chance you could re-upload this? The link is dead. :(

Posted by Ryan Moore

Ryan, thanks for noticing. Please use the new YouTube link above.

Posted by Tomaž

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