Things that suck

21.01.2007 0:51

Because I feel like ranting today, here's a list of technical things that have recently been bothering me:

  • Noisy operational amplifiers and the faculty not teaching us enough about how to deal with (or even accurately calculate) amplifier noise in real-life cases.
  • An analog electronic circuit (involving said opamps) which works on the protoboard and for which I'm not able to show analytically why it works (anyone who knows his or her way around trigonometric functions and Fourier analysis wants to help? It all boils down to a simple looking mathematical problem I don't know how to solve)
  • iTunes suddenly forcing me to delete 1/4 of my music collection because there is not enough space on my ipod even though this same collection was stored on this same ipod for a year or so with 100 MB to spare.
  • Ugly Iceweasel thing replacing Firefox in Debian Testing. Suddenly I have three icons in my applications menu that all look like a green blob - one for a mail client, one for a web browser and one for some kind of a profile manager I never bothered to start. Now that kills usability.
  • Having to fix a mail loop on Friday evening at half-past midnight to prevent millions of email messages from being automatically sent across the net by stupid software that was chasing its own tail.
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