Galaksija: Thanks

31.01.2007 23:08

Thanks to everybody who sent me advice on how to solve the flipped-character problem. I was pleasantly surprised at how many of you are following my Galaksija project - especially people from outside former Yugoslavia.

It turned out that flipped characters were the least of my problems. I figured out the cause after some 15 minutes and I only had to reprogram the character generator EPROM with the bit order reversed.

Poor video quality, power supply overheating and audio interface insensitivity were a bit harder to solve. I'll post some details (and hopefully a screencast) tomorrow.

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Dear Tomaz,

You did a great job with your Galaksija. What is the final status? Have you gotten it to the point that it works satisfactory? I am curious if you plan to release schematic, PCB design to public? I would love to give it a try and build it some time.



Yes, I did finish it almost a year and a half ago. It works perfectly since then (you can see all my blog posts related to Galaksija if you follow the "CMOS Galaksija" link on the right under Articles).

Actually after finishing the high-resolution demo last week I just realized I never put the schematics on the net. I'm just sorting things out and hopefully I'll upload everything in a few days.

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