Galaksija: Motherboard PCB

09.01.2007 10:16

This is printed circuit board for Galaksija's motherboard. I've made it this weekend out of a Bungard presensitized board (the black areas on the photo below are parts where I tried to fix damaged photoresist with a marker).

Motherboard PCB

Unfortunately this material had different properties than the board I used for the keyboard. I should have figured out something was wrong when I saw that the photoresist was brown, not purple and smelled differently.

It seems that 4 minutes exposure under my 500W halogen lamp wasn't enough and after developing there was still some photoresist on the exposed parts of the board. I tried to compensate for this by leaving the board in the etching solution for some more time.

The results aren't encouraging. While the quality of the exposure (sharpness of lines and alignment of solder and component masks) is pretty good there are a lot of holes in the copper that shouldn't be there. It looks like the photoresist got scratched.

This pretty much makes this board useless. I can't make a prototype with a PCB for which I can't be reasonably sure that it is flawless.


I guess it's time for plan B.

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