23C3: Day 1

27.12.2006 18:25

23c3 keynote

The conference started today with the keynote about trust in the hacker community by John Perry Barlow from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Here are some of the most interesting things I've seen today:

Sputnik is an active RFID tag that contains a PIC microcontroller and a 2.4 GHz transceiver. It's firmware is free software and can be programmed for a number of purposes. There is a live demonstration running currently here in the Berliner Congress Center where the location of each tag (they are selling them for 10€) is displayed on a screen. The location is determined with a grid of receivers that send signal strength data to a central server that then triangulates the position.

This thing is on display in the Art & Beauty part and projects a live video stream to a shaped white screen. The result is a kind-of three dimensional projection of some of the places in (I think) Berlin - the buildings look like textured objects in a computer game while people on the streets are like sprites painted on the floor..

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