23C3: Blinkenlights

29.12.2006 2:19

The center of attention in the Art & Beauty section of the Congress are again various things made out of blinking LED diodes. This year people from the Lochraster joined people from the Blinkenlights project which I remember from the 21C3.

Gameboy in Berlin!

Here's the newest invention from the Blinkenlights project: the Pocketlights. This beta version disintegrates when picked up but the final version should enable you to bring LED displays where none thought possible :).


This is a complicated simulation of one of the simplest toys. Unfortunately you can't see how it works from this (terrible) still picture. It has a two-axis accelerometer and simulates a tiny ball placed on a flat surface. The position of the ball is indicated by a lit led on the dot-matrix display. The final effect is that you can move the pixel by tilting the circuit.

LEDs you can wear

This is the back of the shirt worn by Martin Ongsiek, author of the Borg 3D. It displays scrolling text on a dot-matrix display.

are the Borg

This is Borg 3D. I've seen its simpler predecessor on 21C3. It's basically a 3D display made of LEDs in a metal wire matrix with 8x8x8 pixels. It's controlled by an Atmega microcontroller which drives the display with the help of some multiplexing circuitry (multiplexer "rows" are connected to 8 horizontal planes of LEDs and "columns" are connected to 64 vertical columns).

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