07.04.2006 13:49

Yesterday I finally got internet access here at Lancaster University. It took me three days to find the proper way of doing this: first I tried to get my Eduroam account working here (University's web page said that visitors should use it to get internet access), but after some phone calls and visits to various help desks it turned out that the English Eduroam database isn't actually connected to the continental one. So much for the universal access provided by Eduroam.

Now I have a temporary computer account for visiting students and for which I got some 15 pages of instructions on how to use it (it includes stuff like email, Unix shell and Windows accounts, storage space, etc.). So far I figured that the internet access I'm used to doesn't exist here - web traffic is only allowed through a proxy (which may be monitored and/or recorded). Anything that is not HTTP traffic is mostly filtered out. Email for example is only allowed through their official web interface (SMTP port is blocked). Luckily SSH appears to work.

Here are some pictures of the room I'll be using for the next two weeks. It has a network connection (20-something pounds per day extra if you want to use it - I don't), phone (I don't even want to know how much that costs) and a cleverly placed electrical socket behind the curtain, which I only found yesterday.

This is an interesting way of forcing the user to use as little hot water as possible. Give exactly two choices: cold or scalding hot water. Guess which one you're going to use? Oh, and the green faucet is for the hot water.

At least they tell you about it...

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