On latex gloves

03.12.2005 19:35

I was etching the printed circuit board for my keylogger project today. When I tried to turn the board over in a bath of hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide I got this warm feeling in my left palm. I quickly withdrew my hand from the acid and saw that the protective glove I was wearing had three little holes near the center of the palm.

I quickly washed my hands under running water and everything turned out fine in the end (the circuit board looks great), but I'm never going to buy another pack of "beste qualität" Spontex disposable latex gloves again. When I checked four other gloves in the box, two disintegrated when I just tried to put them on. And this was a freshly opened pack I bought a week ago (no "best before" or production date printed anywhere on the box).

I wonder if these guys are also making condoms of such fine quality.

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