07.11.2005 19:38

Hint: sending spam to a lot of free software authors and maintainers is not a good way to start a new open source community web site. Words like "15% referral bonus" on the second line in my opinion further reduce the number of people that will actually read past the first paragraph.

It's perfectly plausible of course that they really wish to support open source software with this move like they say in that email. But the mere fact that they are advertising their site by sending spam greatly reduces their credibility. If the people behind are really involved in open source movement they should know that their target audience won't take spam lightly.

I'm just getting too many emails from people that are offering to "help me make a little money", not to mention helping me "grow my distribution". If it weren't for the words "open source" I'm sure this one would end in the "Junk" folder like the others.

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