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10.10.2005 18:12

I've discovered two incredibly cool wireless-network-related things today:

First, I found out that my old Toshiba Satellite 1410 laptop has a mini-PCI port and integrated antennas that I can use with my dual-band wireless card. I bought this laptop years ago when wireless cards were still prohibitively expensive, so I chose a model without wireless capabilities. Now it turned out that this cheaper model also included everything the more expensive did, short of the actual wireless adapter card.

Second, somebody obviously succeeded in hacking the Nokia D211 binary-only driver to work with Linux 2.6 kernel. Nokia D211 is a multimode radio card that supports 802.11b, GSM, GPRS, and HSCSD. I've tried to use it under Linux several times, but unfortunately the source of the official Nokia driver isn't available and the binary only worked with some 2.4 kernels. Unfortunately, Toshiba Satellite 1410 (my only computer with a PCMCIA interface) is only usable with newer 2.6 kernels, so I've been forced to use Windows if I wanted to use D211. I'm definitely going to try this as soon as I'll find some time to install Debian again on this laptop.

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