Bad capacitors

29.10.2005 10:42

I've just got my first case of bad electrolytic capacitors.

I am trying to reuse an old 486 as a wireless bridge. Since this computer served as my ADSL router and web server for four years I thought it was going to work without problems. I only inserted a new wireless ethernet card into a free PCI slot and turned it on. I've heard a small click and thought something got into the CPU fan. I turned the computer off, cleared cables from the vicinity of the fan and tried again. This time there was a series of loud bangs coming from the power supply and a strong smell of burning plastics and simultaneously all LEDs on the computer went on.

It currently looks like the two large high-voltage 330µF capacitors in the power supply blew. They were both too hot to touch when I opened the PSU and one of them has an opened top.

I just hope nothing else got fried in the computer.

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