06.09.2005 15:45

After all complications with the payment (6 GBP got lost in the international money transfer, go figure) I've received the mini-PCI to PCI adapter I've ordered. Now I'll finally be able to have some fun with the Atheros-based wireless card I've got at What The Hack from the friendly Meshnode people.


This chipset includes a dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) diversity transceiver, supports IEEE 802.11 a/b/g standards, can operate in AP, ad-hoc and monitor modes and, best of all, has free software drivers for Linux and FreeBSD available.

The only problem is that the antenna connectors are of the U.FL type and it is almost impossible to find a coax cable with that connector already attached. I've only bought one adapter from U.FL to RP-SMA at What The Hack because I didn't notice the second antenna connector for the diversity mode.

Damn U.FL

The sad thing is that I paid 5€ for it at WTH and if I would order it now from Farnell it would cost me some 25€ plus postage.

I think I'll wait until 22C3 and see if I can get another adapter there.

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