When in doubt

19.09.2005 17:13

When in doubt, use less technology.

I've read this simple piece of advice somewhere on the net a while ago. I think it nicely complements the Keep it simple rule.

It seems that more and more people rush into using a computer for tasks that are currently accomplished faster and better for example with a pen and a piece of paper or an old-fashioned blackboard. Computer-human interfaces have come a long way, but let's face it: the old way is still better in a lot of cases.

Paper doesn't need be recharged, it boots in less than a second and (best feature in my opinion) can seamlessly integrate different types of media: text, drawings, photos. Blackboards always work, aren't vulnerable to viruses that crash your computer in the middle of the lecture and won't suddenly turn all yellow/purple/blue. Also they are far cheaper than computer projectors and in my experience every single lecture given by someone using the blackboard was better and more enjoyable than a lecture given by someone using a computer presentation.

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