Unpacking a .deb without dpkg

25.09.2005 22:32

Today I've stumbled upon this sequence of commands that will allow you to unpack a Debian package even when dpkg isn't functional:

# cd /
# ar x xxx.deb
# tar xzf data.tar.gz

If I only knew this was so simple a few months ago. It would have saved me quite a few hours of unpacking packages on a functional machine and transferring files via a floppy to a crashed one.

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Hey man, thanks for this. I just searched for a quick way to unpack .deb packages in a generic (non-Debian) way to mention this in a reply to a comment on my own blog, regarding Steam on Linux and its installation on non-Ubuntu systems.

Simple and easily reachable info like that, just like it should be. Wait, do I see a watercooled 486 there in your article list? Maybe I should bookmark your weblog! ;) Holy hell, NetBSD. I should definitely bookmark your weblog...

I recently had a 486 DX4-S/100 run Debian 4.0 Linux, awesome stuff. :)

Oh, and sorry for not providing my eMail address, but that "(optional, will be published)" string just doesn't sound very good to me. ;)

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