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22.09.2005 13:23

Today is a "no car" day in Ljubljana. This is a way city authorities are using to promote public transportation.

So far so good. I'm all against cars. I think they are an fundamentally inefficient way to travel. Public transportation isn't very popular in Slovenia and basically everyone drives a car, so in my opinion such an initiative is a good thing.

What I don't get is the way the city implemented this idea. First, they closed the city center for all traffic. And I mean all traffic, including buses (which are the only public transport in Ljubljana). This of course means that all major bus lines have been diverted to unusual routes. Causing confusion among regular users of bus lines is certainly a great way to promote them. The bus rides are free though, but what good are they if they don't take you where you want to go?

Another weird idea is that they closed the dedicated bus lanes on the major roads in Ljubljana. Buses now have to drive on the inside lanes, which means that you have to walk a couple of meters over an improvised platform to the bus (in the rain). I can't find any reasonable explanation why they did this? (perhaps they wanted to broaden the sidewalks?)

And of course it seems that the city center is closed only for those people that respect the road blocks. Because all the "smart guys" obviously ignore them.

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