04.08.2005 23:19

Tcie and I just arrived at Wikimania. Another change of plans. I know I said I won't be going, but there was enough time to dry myself up at home and then go to Frankfurt by airplane. We checked in the Haus der Jugend (a huge, modern hostel) and paid the conference fee. We got a nice printed conference programme and a printed version of selected articles from Wikipedia on Frankfurt.

People at the Wikimania check-in had problems entering our proper names. Funny, since čžš characters are in the UTF-8 character set and MediaWiki uses UTF-8 by default. I'm used to spell my name in plain ASCII anyway and they promised to make our conference name tags with proper characters.

They have a wireless network set up here. It is working right now (so I hope I will be able to post this), but it already seems that the number of users is approaching the critical mass (people at the counter said that there are currently around 160 attendees, each one using her or his own laptop I guess).

I'll be posting short descriptions and comments on the talks I will be attending at the Cyberpipe web site, since tcie and I are after all representing Cyberpipe at this conference.

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