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03.08.2005 16:35

I traveled from München to Ljubljana with a Slovenian Railways night train. So I got on the train and tried not to be upset because I will have to share my seat with my luggage for the next six hours (luggage compartments were full, go figure). As always I waited for the conductor to first check my tickets and reservations and then put on my headphones and went to sleep.

Next thing I remember is five faces staring at me. My first though was that I did something stupid while asleep (wouldn't be the first time), then I noticed that the owner of one of the faces was the conductor and then I noticed that his face is all red and that he is shouting something. So I removed my headphones and slowly began decoding his German language. Obviously he wanted to see my tickets again and was furious because I didn't show them immediately. I tried to explain to him that some people occasionally experience a period of inactivity we call sleep, but he didn't seem interested. After he checked the tickets one more time he was satisfied simply left. When the conductor returned for the third time, I was already awake because of the passport control.

I traveled by day for longer through Netherlands and Germany, but I never had to show my ticket more than once (and ICE tickets are quite a bit more expensive than this night train ticket). Why on earth do they want to see your ticket three times on a night train when people probably want to (gasp!) sleep? Add two more sleep interruptions on the border to show the passport (once for the Austrian and once for the Slovenian border police. We are in EU, right?) and I really don't see why I would like to spend extra 20-something Euros for a bed, when I couldn't get any sleep anyway?

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