Goodbye WTH and thanks for all the fish

02.08.2005 18:43

1 August 2005, 14:52

I left the camp and went by train to Amsterdam today. The official part ended yesterday around 18:00 with the closing talk. After that we began clearing the camp area. I helped to pick up the garbage and carry chairs and equipment from one of the larger tents. The net and What The Bar were still operational yesterday evening, but when I woke up today all of the big tents were practically cleared up and I could only get a breakfast and lukewarm tea.

Loopus and I planned to go to the Wikimania, but wet clothes and equipment, bad weather and a promise of a hot shower (in two out of three cases the water in the showers at WTH was freezing) changed my mind and I decided to end my journey a bit early. Loopus stayed behind (has went to sleep about the time I got up) and is planning to camp for a few days more in some camp near Amsterdam.

I'm currently on the train to Duisburg and I don't have net access, so I'll post this as soon as I get home.


I'm just past Stutgart and thinking about WTH

Last year when I was on 21C3, I tried to attend as many talks as possible - almost every hour there was a talk or two that was simply to interesting for me no to attend it. But when the conference was over I realized that I hadn't actually had any longer conversations with other visitors of the conference. I decided that when I'm on the next such event, I'll spend most of my time socializing and only attend a few of the most interesting talks and workshops.

Now that I can look back at my visit to WTH, I see that I made the right decision. I learned a lot just by walking around, talking to people about their projects, sometimes helping them with a specific problem and most importantly, it was much more fun than just listening to the talks. I was really surprised how friendly everybody was. If I asked something I always got a friendly answer. I got the nice feeling how everyone here is really part of a great community where each member is really doing her or his best to contribute.

I got into a conversation with a guy sitting next to me. We talked about this and that and then I mentioned I'm just returning from a "computer related" camp. The conversation went fine until I mentioned the term "hacker conference". At that moment he noticeably became uncomfortable and asked if I was talking about people that break into FBI databases and similar stuff. And then I spent the rest of our journey explaining what I understand under the term hacker. My little contribution to undoing what the mass media has done.

One thing that did bother me in the camp is that I really didn't sleep much these four days. We set up our tent in the area A1 right next to What The Bar and Foo Bar, which turned out to be a bad idea. Ear plugs don't help much when you can feel the drums in your stomach. And if we would move our tent to other areas, we would probably drown instead of just getting wet in that storm.

2 August 2005, 18:45

There's no place like $HOME :)

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