Case mod

31.08.2005 0:51

I have installed a second hard drive in my computer some time ago. Unfortunately it seems that the two discs in my computer spin with frequencies that are very close to each other. The result is that you can hear the interference as a low "brrrruum brrrrrum brrrrrum" sound that is coming from the computer.

Now this wonderful Chieftec case I have (it boasts as having a "Special spring design for anti-vibration.") has hard plastic feet that are wonderful at transferring this low frequency sound to the structure of our house. And the result of that is that "brrrrum" sound could be heard in almost all our rooms (and I'm sure the neighbors also get their share of it).

So I bought a piece of a thick carpet and made some soft pads to isolate the case from the floor and it seems to be working.


Who knows, maybe I'll even get the extra benefit that my MP3s will "sound more immediate and crisp" :)

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