ATC Advanced, 4

19.08.2005 13:44

You can download the source code for ATC Advanced here.

If you want to try it, please keep in mind that most of this was written between 1am and 3am, so expect lots of weird code and strange error messages.

To compile, first edit common/pathnames.h and correct the hardcoded paths there (they should point to the location where you extracted the tar file). Then do a make clean && make. I haven't tried make install yet and I don't know what it does. Just run the binaries from the source tree for now.

To play you first have to start the server. Run it like this: server/atca_server -g OHare. You can replace "OHare" with any other game that is available in the games/ directory. After the server is running, start one or more clients like this: client/atca_client. Each client will ask you for your nickname and the IP of the server. After a few moments you should see the radar display.

All clients see the same radar screen. The only difference are the colors of the airplanes. Unassigned new airplanes are red. Green airplanes are assigned to you. White airplanes are assigned to other clients or are ignored (you can ignore an airplane by using the "i" command). You can assign an unassigned airplane by using the "p" command. Once the airplane has been assigned to someone, it can not be reassigned.

Please do not send bug reports unless you have a patch.

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