ATC Advanced, 3

15.08.2005 0:59

Just played a game of ATCA with Loopus while listening to the recording of the Humppa radio from What The Hack.


We experimented with various options - mostly on the OHare map which we both know well. The default setting of the number of planes is too low for two players, but with the setting increased by one step it is again quite a challenge. The Killer map is still unplayable, even with two players.

The greatest problem seems to be the coordination between players. Some kind of airplane marking needs to be implemented. This way players won't be confused which one is focusing on which airplane (right now airplanes crash when by chance we are both focusing on one group of airplanes while ignoring some other group).

Also SNL seems to have this problem when some times it will say that it can't open a socket if I start the server immediately after the game ends. I have to wait a few minutes and the problem mysteriously solves itself.

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