ATC Advanced, 2

14.08.2005 18:10

ATC Advanced

Here you can see the server running in the upper left window. I've removed all functions that were drawing the radar screen from the server code. Maybe I'll implement some kind of a command line in the future. Currently the server only outputs some status messages to the terminal.

Other three windows on the above screen shot are clients connected to the server. The lower left client just ordered plane "a" to change heading to 0 degrees. The upper right client ordered the same plane to turn to 90 degrees and the last client ordered airplane "b" to climb to 9000 feet.

I'm using the Simple Network Layer library for networking. It is very simple to use (contains only 4 functions) and as far as I can see it works perfectly. The only problem I've found is that I can't use telnet to directly talk to the server (the library returns "buffer allocation error") even though the network protocol I use is plain ASCII.

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