ATC Advanced

14.08.2005 0:48

This is a screenshot of the first kind-of-working version of my multiplayer ATC hack.


ATC (Air Traffic Controller) is a simple game by Ed James which lets you try your hand at the nerve wracking duties of the air traffic controller without endangering the lives of millions of travelers each year. The original only supports one player and uses simple ncurses-based monochrome ASCII graphics.

Loopus and I got the idea at What The Hack to make a multiplayer version that could be played over the internet and perhaps use SDL for better graphics.

In the screenshot above, the top window is running the server. Any number of clients (one can be seen running in the bottom window) can then connect to the server and they can all send commands to all airplanes on the radar screen.

I'll release the source code as soon as I'll get this even remotely playable. I still have problems with sending commands over the network connection (the game uses a quite interesting state machine for entering commands for airplanes).

I'll post some more details tommorow.

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Hi Avian, is this ATC advanced available for download somewhere?

Posted by Michal

Michal, please see my follow-up posts about ATC advanced.

Posted by Tomaž

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