Wiring a tent

28.07.2005 8:50

Yesterday we wired our tent with ethernet from a neighbor's switch and power from somebody else's power strip. 10m UTP cable we brought with turned out to be a little too short, but we managed to exchange it for a longer one with someone who brought a cable that was too long.

Our switch

Since we had a small hub with us, some people that were further away connected to the net through us. This is basically how most of the networking is done here. Only big tents (for eating, talks, etc.) have been wired by the network crews. People nearest to the big tents are connected there. People further away then connect to their switches and so on. If I quote the organizers: places that bring more female than male connectors are the most popular. You can also get free cables at the entrance (guys there only want a beer if you don't know how to put a connector on the UTP)

The wired network is currently working with only slight glitches unlike the wireless network which is still unusable.

What is a tent without a penguin?

It has been raining most of the night and we had some light winds. So far, we only have moderate amounts of water inside our tent (my guess is because of the condensation). As long as the network connection is working we don't really feel the need to go outside :)

There will be an official opening talk later today. There is a stream available at www.subether.de (called SubEther Radio - it is also broadcasted on 105.1 MHz)

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