Traveling to What The Hack

27.07.2005 22:55


Our train left Ljubljana at midnight. After enjoying six hours of mind boggling speed and comfort of Slovenian Railways we arrived at München a bit tired. There we sat on the first available bench and were immediately reminded by a friendly waitress that appeared out of nowhere, that it is not allowed to seat there unless we order something. We continued towards Amsterdam aboard an ICE train, enjoying a nerve wrecking game of ATC and a relaxing game of NetHack.


Amsterdam train station has surprisingly little information about local train timetables (we needed a ride on a local train from Amsterdam to Boxtel, nearest train station to What The Hack camp). There are many machines where you can buy tickets, but none of them is capable of displaying on which train you can use the ticket you just bought. An hour of trying to understand Dutch language and a conversation with a friendly conductor later we learned that we actually had to change two trains in order to arrive to Boxtel.


In Boxtel train station we saw a lot of people that looked similarly confused, carrying computer equipment and dressed in OpenBSD shirts. We decided to follow the crowd and we managed to get a free ride in a van together with a few fellow hackers.


When we arrived at the camp site and got our wristbands (they are used here as a proof of payment of the entry fee) it was raining. As the weather report predicted that the weather will only get worse, we went ahead and set up a tent in the first free place we found. Soon after we finished, the rain stopped and now it seems that we have managed to get a nice spot. Power and network connections are available nearby and neighbors are friendly :)

As I write this (20:56) we haven't yet gotten IPs for our computers (network admins are using an innovative DHCP peg system) and ieee802.11b wireless network isn't working as expected, so I can't publish this right now. We have just finished eating dinner and discussing our operating system preferences with the guy we shared the table with and we are now going to listen the pre-opening speech.

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