Some interesting photos

30.07.2005 20:31

Here are some assorted photographs of interesting things I found around the camp.

Beware of the man in the middle

It seems some people we ignoring warnings about different host keys when logging into their machines through the network. Yesterday, there was something like this written across the big display in What The Bar: "If you find your password here, change it quickly" followed by a list of passwords.

Unfortunately, a lot of POP3 and IMAP mail servers still don't support any kind of secure authentication (our beloved Siol included)

Bill Gates

Obviously, they buried Bill Gates here back in 8 August 1997 (that is the date of Hacking In Progress, one of the previous camps)

Fiber Grass

These people have planted some kind of a grass made out of fibreoptic cables. The sight is really impressive in the dark when each strand of grass emits blue light. Unfortunately, my camera can't take that kind of pictures.

Fun for kids

Some people have brought their kids with them. There are a lot of workshops organized for them (I wouldn't mind joining some of the workshops myself - water rockets are fun)

Wireless village

This the place I spend most of my time. Meshnode, ASCII, GNU Radio people are all gathered here, building bamboo antenna towers, broadcasting various stuff (for example: "All your frequencies are belong to us" simultaneously on all CB channels) and generally having a lot of fun. They are organizing a big party tonight that will include dancing for rain (like we don't have enough of it).

CCC rocket

This is the rocket of the Chaos Computer Club. They have set up a system of running landing lights that look like the beginning of a runway. I'm just waiting when one of those AWACS will try to land here.

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