LM77 & Lockpicking

28.07.2005 20:55

Opening talk

After listening to the opening talk at 11h I helped people in the wireless village set up a I2C temperature sensor in hardware for their Meshnode project. In the end it was just a matter of passing the correct parameters to the correct kernel module, but it me took several hours to come to that conclusion (if I only used google before jumping into Linux kernel source head first)

Raising of the bamboo tower in wireless village

Meshnode is software for setting up a wireless mesh network. This means that there is not central access points. Nodes in the network form ad-hoc wireless connections to nodes in their neighborhood and packets that cannot be sent from one node to the other (for example because the sender node does not see the receiver) are routed through nodes in the middle. Routing must therefore be dynamic. Special software is required to connect. They say that this kind of network is very scalable because the capacity of the network grows with the number of clients in it. On the other hand I think that meshing doesn't help with high concentrations of clients (like here on the WTH) since here the limiting factor is the congestion of the radio spectrum.

Main street

I also tried lockpicking for the first time at the workshop. I tried for more than one hour to open a simple lock with a lockpick and did not succeed. It's definitely much harder than it looks when you are just looking at professionals or in the movies. On the other hand, the technique presented last year on 21C called "striking" (it involves a special key and a small plastic hammer), is surprisingly simple. I've managed to open a standard lock on the second try.

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