Another day in WTH

31.07.2005 11:55

It began raining again over the night. Fortunately the ground is absorbing water fast enough this time and the tent is dry for now. I also dried all of my stuff yesterday on the sun, so I have very little motivation to get out of the sleeping bag or our tent.

I've attended a talk about exploiting PocketPC. Collin Mulliner showed us what an insecure platform Windows CE and all of its variants are. Because of certain features of this operating system (static addresses of the functions in libraries that are the same across all devices of the same type, even user processes can directly access hardware, etc.) writing exploits is quite easy. He showed a few examples ranging from displaying a message on the screen to making a call on a Windows CE based smartphone.

I've also been at the GNU radio workshop. After discussing basics of software defined radio, they showed us a basic FM radio receiver (they have basic building blocks like decimators, demodulators, etc. written in C for speed. These blocks are then connected with Python). Demodulation of the stereo signal used 25% of a 400 MHz processor if I remember correctly. A more interesting example was a transmitter that continuously transmitted words "All your frequencies are belong to us" on all CB channels. So no matter on which channel you tuned your receiver on your heard that voice.

Hacking on a traffic shaper configuration for the Meshnode people was also quite fun. I've set up a basic shaper, but the the configuration they would like to have is well beyond my knowledge.

Yesterday I also had my first experience handling a professional video camera. Since the video crew is running out of people I volunteered to record a talk by Indymedia people. I hope the recording is satisfactory.

Anyway, the official part of the camp is ending today. We plan to stay another night until Monday, perhaps helping to clean up the camp site. After that we're going to spend a few days in Amsterdam and then head back to Frankfurt to Wikimania.

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