To use these tools with Tablix you have to compile Tablix with --without-pvm3 option to enable debug mode (Tablix then doesn't use PVM3). Don't forget to do make clean from the top of the source tree before recompiling (This ensures that all parts of Tablix will be rebuilt in debug mode). You can then start the kernel by hand (use the same command line as when normally using Tablix, just replace tablix binary with tablix_kernel. This way you can for example start the kernel under the debugger.

With Tablix 0.2.x you can also use --enable-debug option with the configure script. This will result in a slower kernel, but will enable some internal checks (most importantly, all failed assert() statements will cause an error).

Debugging tools

[GNU debugger] - General debugger

[Valgrind] - Memory allocation debugger

Profiling tools

[GNU gprof] - General profiler

[perfmon] - Profiler using hardware performance counters

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