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A self-contained package containing PVM3, Tablix and g-Tablix would be very nice. According to the number of free software projects that offer such packages (see Gimp.app, OpenOffice?.org Mac OS X port, etc.) that should not be too complicated.

See also [Platypus]

See [libdldarwin] for a simple library that provides dlopen and other functions needed for loading modules on Mac OS X.

This may also be useful: http://autopackage.org/docs/binreloc

Tablix 0.2.3 and newer versions have been confirmed to run on an Apple Powerbook running Mac OS X 10.3.9. Follow these steps to compile from source and install:

libxml2 (version 2.6.20) has been installed into the home directory of an ordinary user. The configure command used was:

 ./configure --prefix=/Users?/tomaz/software

The directory "/Users?/tomaz/software/bin" was added to the default PATH (modified "~/.bash_profile").

pvm3 (version 3.4.5) distribution was extracted to "/Users?/tomaz/tablix/pvm3".

PVM_ROOT environment variable was set to "/Users?/tomaz/tablix/pvm3".

pvm3 was compiled with "make".

Following lines were added to "~/.bash_profile":

 export PVM_ROOT="$HOME/tablix/pvm3"

Tablix (version 0.2.3) was extracted to "/Users?/tomaz/tablix/tablix2-0.2.3"

The commands used to install Tablix were:

 ./configure --with-xml-prefix=$HOME/software --prefix=$HOME/software --enable-debug
 make install

After installation, Tablix can be used as on any other system (enable ssh service in system preferences if you want to include this computer in a cluster)

tablix2_plot from 0.2.3 will not work because Mac OS X lacks the "tempfile" utility. Later versions use "mktemp" instead and work without problems.

All libraries that Tablix 0.1 depends on (libxml2 and pvm3) are available on Mac OS X.

Tablix 0.1 fails to compile with the following link errors:

 /bin/sh ../libtool --mode=link gcc -Wall -O2 -g -g -O2   -o export_htmlcss.la -rpath /usr/local/lib/tablix -no-undefined -module -avoid-version export_htmlcss.lo  -ldl
 gcc  -o .libs/export_htmlcss.so -bundle  .libs/export_htmlcss.o  -ldl
 ld: Undefined symbols:

and so on (all external symbols are reported as undefined).

This issue is fixed in the CVS version of Tablix. Unfortunately there is still a problem with the default version of libxml installed on Mac OS X 10.3.6. ./configure script reports the following error:

 checking for libxml - version >= 2.4.3... *** libxml header files (version 2.5.4) do not match
 *** xml2-config (version 2.6.7)

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