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Following is a list of features that will be considered for inclusion during this development branch:

Dependent tuples

A way to tell the genetic algorithm that tuple N always uses the same resource as tuple M. (useful for example for "same-time-as" type of restrictions) Or maybe that tuple N always uses resource with ID R+1, where R is the resource ID of the resource tuple M is using ("consecutive" type of restrictions). This kind of restrictions don't seem to be handled efficiently right now (the genetic algorithm spends time minimizing the fitness function while the solution is obvious and does not depend on other restrictions).

Dependent tuples should not be handled by the standard genetic operators. A quick way to implement that would be to add another genetic operator that would overwrite values in dependent tuples with values from their "master" tuples. Perhaps an API to allow modules to add their own genetic operators? However if modules could add their own genetic operators that could lead to problems because the final result could depend on the order of calling those new operators. What would happen if two modules would have different ideas which resources must a certain tuple use? This could be solved by having a flag in tuplemap structure that would mean "this tuple is handled by a module". So each module could lock a tuple for its own use and if two modules would try to lock the same tuple Tablix would report an error.

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