If you found a bug, please report it to the mailing list. It will get more attention there. This is only a list of known bugs.

Updater functions in modules consecutive.so and sametimeas.so do not properly respect resource domains for the 'time' resource type. For example: in consecutive.so the resource domain is only respected for the first event in the block. This means other events in the block will be scheduled after the first one even if 'time' resource domains do not allow that.

In english this means that you may have problems if you use 'fixed-day' or 'fixed-period' restrictions on events that are also handled by restrictions defined by consecutive.so or sametimeas.so modules.

I've made two example files that demonstrate this bug. You can download them from http://www.tablix.org/~avian/updater-bug

 libpvm [t40002]: pvm_spawn(): Bad parameter
 [tablix] Some nodes on host 'dolphin' failed to start.
 libpvm [t40002]: tablix: Bad parameter

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