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Tablix Wiki was a place to exchange various ideas about Tablix. Wiki pages held content that changed too often to be included in other sections of www.tablix.org or manuals in the distribution.

This is a static snapshot of what used to be a public wiki. It is preserved for historical purposes. Editing is no longer possible.


Tablix on live CDs

Third-party packages - A list of Tablix source and binary packages for various operating systems

Alternative uses - Tablix can be used for more than just high school scheduling



Writing documentation - DocBook can be tricky at the least

TabConv - Utility to convert Tablix 0.1.x problem descriptions to Tablix 0.3.x format

TTML support - Support for TTML format in Tablix

Related links

[Tablix Home Page]

Tablix branches

Tablix is developed in alternating development and stable branches. During the development branch, major changes to the modules API and/or configuration format can happen. Stable branches are forked off the development branch once the code is stable enough and all the features have been implemented. Modules API and configuration format are frozen during the stable branch.

[Tablix 0.1]? - Old stable branch

Tablix 0.2 - Old development branch

Tablix 0.3 - Current stable branch

Tablix 0.4 - Next development branch


Information for people developing Tablix modules and/or kernel.

[Porting modules to 0.2.x kernel]?

[Automatic module documentation system]?

Tools - Links to software that can help with development

[Build logs] - Weekly automatic build logs for i386 and amd64 architectures.


Following pages describe some Tablix related projects. If you are interested in any of these, please make a note on the Wiki page or send a mail to the mailing list.

Tablix on Mac OS X - How to run Tablix on Mac OS X

Tablix on Windows - How to run Tablix on Microsoft Windows

Tablix web interface

Past events

Tablix delavnica - Tablix workshop for the administrative staff of Slovenian schools.

Special pages



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