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Adds a weight whenever events are not scheduled in blocks of consecutive periods.

Use this module to schedule multiple repetitions of an event in one or more blocks.

This module is deprecated. module provides the same functionality with better performance.

Required resource types

Configuration file must define the following resource types in order to use this module:

Defined resource restrictions

Defined tuple restrictions


<restriction type="periods-per-block">periods</restriction>

This restriction specifies that the repeats of the current event need to be scheduled in blocks of 'periods' consecutive periods.

For example:

<event name="test" repeats="6">
	<resource type="teacher" name="a"/>
	<resource type="class" name="2"/>
	<restriction type="periods-per-block">2</restriction>

This restriction tells Tablix to schedule 6 events "test" in three blocks of two consecutive "test" events.

Supported module options

Module groups

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Antonio Duran,


This module is a minor modification of consecutive2 module by Tomaz Solc Original consecutive module by Nick Robinson

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