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Adds support for scheduleding events at the same time. This module uses updater functions, so the weight and mandatory values are ignored.

Required resource types

Configuration file must define the following resource types in order to use this module:

Defined resource restrictions

Defined tuple restrictions


<restriction type="same-time-as">event name</restriction>

This restriction specifies that the current event needs to be scheduled at the same time as the event identified in the restriction.

<event name="a" repeats="4">
<restriction type="same-time-as">b</restriction>
<event name="b" repeats="5">

In this case, four events "a" are scheduled at the same time as four events "b". The fifth event "b" can be scheduled at any time.

Supported module options

Module groups

This module belongs to the following groups:


Tomaz Solc,


Module ported to 0.2.x kernel and extended by Nick Robinson <> Modified to use updater functions by Antonio Duran

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