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This module enables you to specify how should Tablix distribute the recurrences of an event throughout a multiweek timetable.

This module only affects resource domains, so the weight and mandatory values are ignored.

Required resource types

Configuration file must define the following resource types in order to use this module:

Defined resource restrictions

Defined tuple restrictions


This restriction specifies two recurrence parameters: The week when the recurrence starts and how many times per week should this event appear.

Consider the following example:

<event name="Lecture" repeats="24">
	<resource type="teacher" name="A"/>
	<resource type="class" name="B"/>
	<restriction type="recurrence">2 3</restriction>

This means that events named 'Lecture' will appear for 8 consecutive weeks (24 repeats divided by 3 recurrences per week) starting on the third week (week are numbered starting from 0) with 3 events per week.

Supported module options


This option specifies the number of work days per week. If this option is not specified a default number of 5 is used.


<module name="" weight="60" mandatory="yes">
	<option name="days-per-week">6</option>
<resourcetype type="time">
	<matrix width="30" height="5"/>

This combination of options would result in a timetable that is 6 weeks long (30 weeks long divided by 6 days per week).

Please note that if you changed the default number of days per week you will also have to give this option to the 'htmlcss2' export module to get the expected result.

Module groups

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Tomaz Solc,

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