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Adds a weight whenever a class, teacher or an event is not in a preferred room.

In case multiple conflicting "preferred-room" restrictions are defined for an event, the restriction with the highest priority is used.

Event restrictions have the highest priority, class resource restrictions have a middle priority and teacher resource restrictions have the lowest priority.

Required resource types

Configuration file must define the following resource types in order to use this module:

Defined resource restrictions

preferred-room (resource types teacher, class)

<restriction type="preferred-room">room name</restriction>

This restriction can be used in teacher or class resources and specifies that current class or teacher should teach have all lessons scheduled in the room specified in the restriction.

Defined tuple restrictions


<restriction type="preferred-room">room name</restriction>

This restriction specifies the current lesson should be scheduled in the room specified in the restriction.

Supported module options

Module groups

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