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This module counts the number of occupied first and last time slots in teacher's (or any other constant resource type) timetables. The number of weights added is equal to the difference between the number of occupied first time slots and the number of occupied last time slots.

For example if a teacher has two events scheduled on the first time slot in a day then it must also have two events scheduled on the last time slot. (E.g. A teacher teaches first period for Monday and Tuesday, and the last period for Wednesday, Tuesday, Friday. So that he/she can go home earlier on Monday/Tuesday and come in later on Wednesday, Tuesday, Friday.)

The following example will make this module check teacher's timetable:

<module name="firstlastequal" weight="60" mandatory="yes">
	<option name="resourcetype">teacher</option>

Required resource types

Configuration file must define the following resource types in order to use this module:

Defined resource restrictions

Defined tuple restrictions

Supported module options


Use this option to specify a constant resource type for which this module will be in effect.

You can use multiple resourcetype options for one module.

Module groups

This module belongs to the following groups:


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