table_t Struct Reference

Timetable structure. More...

#include <chromo.h>

Collaboration diagram for table_t:

Collaboration graph

Data Fields

int typenum
 Number of chromosomes (equal to the number of defined resource types).
 Pointer to an array of typenum chromosomes.
int fitness
 Fitness of this individual. If less than 0 then this individual needs to be evaluated.
int * subtotals
 Array of n integers, where n is the number of fitness functions used, containing individial error counts of each part of the fitness function.
int possible
 Set to 1 if this structures describes an acceptable solution to the timetabling problem. Set to 0 if not.

Detailed Description

Timetable structure.

This structure describes an individual (a candidate solution to the timetabling problem) in the population of the genetic algorithm.

Each individual has n chromosomes, where n>0. These chromosomes are split between two groups: constant and variable. Constant chromosomes are not touched by the genetic algorithm (their contents are defined in the config file).

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